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Santa Rosa Valley History


The Challenge:

These panels took a lot of research to make sure each of the depicted moments in history was accurate. For example, what color were the cattle that thrived on the old land grants in the late 1700s, and how long were their horns? What did the Pomo and Miwok agricultural practices look like before contact with those of European origin? And, Where are the best images of farming women and men taken between the late 1800s and the present—not easy to find images of women. This research took me from the Tribal Heritage Preservation Officer at Graton Rancheria and Sonoma State University archives, to the Queen of Local History, Gaye LeBaron, and the Library of Congress.

The Result:

Four artful interpretive displays for the center kiosk of Adobe Park Plaza. They give an overview of the colorful history of the Santa Rosa Valley, California. The panels are meant to inspire viewers to find even more historical nuggets on their own.


Adobe Park, City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department, with Carlile-Macy, Inc., and Barry Swenson, Builders


Santa Rosa, California